Our Values

Most of the people ask me why? Why do you knit? I tell them: Why not?! Men used to knit until the end of the IIWW. Why can´t we start doing it again? It’s strange at the beginning, I confess. But like a surfer in the water knows that feeling of being part of the nature, a knitter knows the feeling of building their own clothes with a string of yarn and a pair of needles. It’s amazing! You should try it.

By knitting you will understand how hard it is to make your own sweater and realizing that exploring people in the other side of the world with fast consumption is not an option. You will understand how important it is to socialize and meet new and old people through their knowledge and making your grow into a better person. Taking care of the environment must start NOW with your actions. Be part of our project.

By buying a Knitted by Macho Man product you can rest assured that our products are made with premium quality materials and that no worker, adult or children, was exploited in the making process. Furthermore, we advocate for a slower consumption and a fashion revolution by taking a stand against black friday's and embracing a zero waste policy.

For us, life is too short for bad yarn. We want for people that use our products the best quality experience with the best wool in the world. We want our clients to feel that they are buying unique handmade products, knitted with unconditional love and care for nature and the planet.

When we knit, we are giving exclusive time of our limited lives to our clients, instead of being with our families, friends or other activities. More than giving value to our products we are sharing what we most love to do with our customers. We care. We  knit. Be part of us, macho knitters.